(Dan Tri) – Surviving witnesses witnessed a horrifying scene inside the theater at the Crocus City complex on the outskirts of Moscow on the evening of March 22.

Inside the theater hall when the attack happened (Photo: Getty).

The night of a musical performance at the theater in the Crocus City complex in the suburbs suddenly became a night of horror and obsession for those present on the evening of March 22.

Images recorded by security cameras show four armed men calmly walking towards a metal detector at Crocus City, firing wildly at terrified and screaming people in a hail of bullets.

Natalya, a witness, said she had just taken off her coat and was lining up to get inside the more than 6,000-seat auditorium to prepare to watch the performance of the band Picnic.

`The gun went off right behind us. It was very loud, like fireworks, exploding in bursts right behind me. Everyone screamed and ran,` she recounted.

She immediately ran away.

Terrorist attack in Moscow, at least 133 people

According to witnesses, men wearing field uniforms and carrying rifles entered Crocus City around 7:40 p.m. on March 22.

The scene was extremely chaotic.

After opening fire in the entrance hall, the armed group entered the theater hall when the show was about to begin.

`Some people thought it (the explosion) was some kind of special effect. But then I saw with my own eyes people falling and automatic gunfire started going off,` said a witness named Anastasia.

She added: `My self-defense instinct arose, I wondered where I could run to. Then, someone shouted: `Get up!

Rodionova said several men knocked on the door to the street and escaped.

Night of terror haunted the Moscow theater

The rows of seats inside the hall burned down (Photo: RT).

Videos posted showed the crowd in the theater hall rushing for the exits as gunshots continued to ring out along with screams.

A female witness recounted that she was lucky to survive by pretending to be dead.

Some witnesses said they poured some type of liquid on seats and curtains in several places before setting fire.

Witnesses said they had to walk through the flames, with their clothes burned, to escape the fire that was quickly spreading over an area of 12,900 square meters.

The fire quickly consumed everything inside the hall, causing part of the roof to collapse.

The Russian Investigative Committee said that by the end of March 23, the number of people killed in the attack was 133 people, while nearly 150 people were injured.

According to authorities, the victims died either from gunshot wounds, severe burns or gas asphyxiation.

This is one of the most serious terrorist incidents in Russia in recent years.