(Dan Tri) – In less than 20 days, America will have a new president.

US President-elect Donald Trump (Photo: Washington Times)


When Mr. Trump entered the White House, the conflict in Syria had lasted into its 6th year. Mr. Trump once mentioned the possibility of cutting support for opposition groups in Syria and focusing instead on

More than just the issue of terrorism, the new President of the United States must make a decision on his approach to President Bashar al-Assad’s government: whether or not to continue pursuing his government’s view of bringing down Assad.

Experts say that it is likely that Mr. Trump will maintain the US military role in Syria as it was under President Obama.

Earlier this month, Mr. Trump said he would help build `safe zones` in Syria.


The future relationship with Russia is also one of the issues that will cause headaches for the new US President.

Since being elected president, Mr. Trump has repeatedly expressed his desire to warm the relationship between the US and Russia.

In addition, Mr. Trump is also considering the possibility of lifting sanctions against Russia over the past two years and Mr. Trump will have to make a decision next March.

In the final days of 2016, US President Obama announced strong sanctions against Russia related to allegations that Moscow interfered in the US presidential election.


Regarding China, the new US President faces many challenges in economics, trade, cyber security threats, the East Sea issue and Taiwan.

Regarding economic issues, Mr. Trump criticized China for manipulating its currency, making it difficult for US companies to compete, and imposing high taxes on products imported from the US into the country.

Mr. Trump became the first US president to call a Taiwanese leader since 1979 when he had a phone call with Ms. Tsai Ing-wen in early December. This move was immediately met with opposition.

President-elect Trump expressed skepticism about maintaining the `One China` policy in case the Beijing government does not make concessions on trade as well as some other issues.

North Korea

President Barack Obama once warned Mr. Trump about the serious threats coming from North Korea’s nuclear tests and missile launches in recent times.

However, experts say this is not an issue that Mr. Trump clearly understands.

US officials have conducted many discussions about whether to reduce economic sanctions against North Korea and instead focus on preventing the country’s ability to mass-produce nuclear weapons.


A divided and unstable Europe is also a big challenge for the 45th president of the United States.


Last week, the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution demanding that Israel stop building illegal settlements in occupied Palestinian territories.

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