(Dan Tri) – The terrorist attack at Crocus City theater seems to have been very carefully planned.

A suspect was arrested and appeared in court on March 25 (Photo: Reuters).

RIA Novosti quoted security sources as saying on March 25 that the four main suspects in the terrorist attack at the Crocus City theater, on the outskirts of Moscow, had all been trained for about 2 months at a secret location in Moscow.

About a month before the attack, one of the suspects named Shamsidin Fariduni (25 years old) actively used social networks to post photos, one of the photos was said to be taken at a church.

Through identification, Crocus City’s security guard said that a few days before the terrorist attack, this suspect came to ask for information about the music performance program at the theater.

On the evening of March 22, a group of four armed men, wearing field uniforms, carrying rifles and grenades entered the Crocus City theater area on the outskirts of Moscow, about 100 meters from the Kremlin.

Through camera data and witnesses’ accounts, the Russian investigation agency said that the four suspects drove a white car to Crocus City around 7:54 p.m. on March 22.

`They used gasoline in plastic bottles they brought with them, set fire to the theater and left the building at 8:11 p.m. Moscow time. The first investigation results show that the terrorist attack was carefully planned,` the person said.

He said, according to witnesses, the attackers poured gasoline on the seats and curtains and set them on fire.

In total, the attack lasted about 17 minutes.

The attack left at least 139 people dead, nearly 190 injured, many in critical condition.

Russia has arrested 11 suspects, including 4 main suspects all holding Tajikistan passports.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said yesterday: `This attack was carried out by radical Muslims. We know who carried out the attack, and we want to know who gave the order.`

He also raised questions about the suspects’ connection to Ukraine, citing the fact that the suspects tried to contact contacts in Ukraine to flee there before being arrested by Russian security forces.

`Who is waiting for them there? It is clear that supporters of the Kiev government do not want to become accomplices and sponsors of terrorism. But there are still many questions,` the Kremlin owner said.

However, Ukraine and its Western allies have rejected this accusation.

Suspect of Moscow terrorist attack appears in court