(Dan Tri) – Experts and officials from many countries warn of the increasing threat from the terrorist group the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS).

ISIS-K terrorists (Photo: NY Post).

Newsweek reported that IS has continuously increased its activities across continents in recent times and this resurgence threatens to pose a threat to many countries.

On March 23, IS claimed responsibility for the brutal terrorist attack on the Crocus City theater, Moscow, Russia.

This is considered the deadliest terrorist attack in Russia since 2002. Experts warn that IS may continue to carry out other attacks around the world.

Just one day before the incident in Moscow, US Central Command commander Michael Kurilla told congressmen that `ISIS-Khorasan (ISIS-K, a branch group of IS) still has the ability and will.`

Weeks earlier, the US Embassy in Moscow had urged its citizens to avoid crowded events, `including concerts`.

The attack in Moscow has attracted international attention to the terrorist group that controlled a large area of the Middle East 10 years ago.

The ISIS-K branch has begun to show signs of becoming active again in Afghanistan and is not only attacking targets within the country, but they are also targeting neighboring Iran and Pakistan.

ISIS-K has also begun expanding its operations beyond the region, with Russia, Germany, Türkiye and Tajikistan recently cracking down on plots believed to be behind these terrorists.

Amira Jadoon, a professor at Clemson University (USA), commented that the recent rise of ISIS-K has been planned through a multi-pronged approach for several years.

In an article on ISIS-K’s media channel, the terrorist group declared that `the territory of Islam was never limited to Afghanistan but is much wider`, showing its ambition to attack beyond its borders.

The article said: `The land of Islam is the land that Muslims won with their sacrifices, covering all of Africa, starting from East Turkestan, to Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan. It extends to

ISIS-K once attracted attention when they were the ones behind the suicide bombing at Hamid Karzai airport in Afghanistan when the US withdrew troops from the country in 2021. Hundreds of people were killed, including

According to Professor Jadoon, after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, ISIS-K activated its strategy of expanding its legs abroad, putting many countries under the threat of terrorism.

Colin Clarke, a senior researcher at the Soufan Center (USA), warns that ISIS-K poses a `significant threat` and that their attacks and plots range from the Middle East to Europe.