(Dan Tri) – The psychological thriller `Immaculate` (Blood Monastery) makes viewers vomit in horror.

The psychological thriller Immaculate is becoming a box office phenomenon in the US.

The film was released in US theaters last month and is becoming a topic of discussion on social networks.

Actress Sydney Sweeney stars in the movie `Immaculate` (Photo: Daily Mail).

Many people found themselves unable to watch the movie so they left early. They gave a warning to others to consider whether or not to go see this horror movie.

At first, she was received very warmly, but then a horrifying nightmare struck, when Cecilia discovered that the monastery where she had just moved to had terrifying secrets.

In the film, actress Sydney Sweeney plays the main character.

The film is currently receiving much praise from critics.

The horror movie made the audience vomit in the theater

The psychological thriller `Immaculate` is becoming a box office phenomenon in the US (Photo: Daily Mail).

Regarding the role of Cecilia, actress Sydney Sweeney said she wanted to `break the limits` when accepting to appear in a horror movie: `I like challenges. This movie has a place for me to act.

Many scenes in the movie, especially the `heavy` scenes, were done in just one take.

The fact that I accepted to act in a horror movie was to refresh myself.

Movie trailer `Immaculate` (Video: CGV Cinemas Vietnam).