(Dan Tri) – In the direction of Avdiivka, the Russian army began its attack on Novoprokovsky, a position that Ukrainian forces are not prepared to defend and currently have no chance to offer any significant resistance

The war in Ukraine has entered its third year but there is no end in sight (Illustration: Skynews).

Russia thrived in Avdiivka

Readovka channel reported that, in the direction of Avdiivka, Moscow forces began an attack on the village of Novoprokovsky, a position that Kiev forces are not ready to defend and currently they have no chance to offer any resistance.

Therefore, at this time, the Ukrainian army is trying to carry out a `suicidal` counterattack, they need time to escape, and at the same time seek to mine a densely populated area.

However, the offensive activities of Russian soldiers continued.

If Russia captures this settlement, they will completely disrupt communications between enemy units and disrupt the Ukrainian army’s supply system, after which Kiev forces will have to flee very quickly and quickly.

War in Ukraine May 9: Russia continues to thrive in Avdiivka

War map of Ukraine at Avdiivka on May 8.

Rybar channel said that in the direction of Avdiivka, Moscow forces are clearing the forest belt between Ocheretine and Arkhangelske and moving towards Novoaleksandrivka.

Military developments on the fronts

Military Summary channel reported that Russian forces conducted combined attacks on many different targets across Ukraine.

On the Kupiansk – Svatove direction, Moscow forces gained control of Kyslivka, which, combined with the capture of Kotliarivka, opened up the possibility of cutting the R-07 highway and putting pressure on Tabaiivka and Stepova Novosilka.

In the Siversk direction, Ukraine was pushed out of its northern stronghold of Vesele, while in the Bakhmut area, fighting continued in the vicinity of Chasov Yar.

In the direction of Vremivka, Russian forces are advancing towards the southern suburbs of Urozhayne and western Staromaiorske, despite enemy counterattacks.

War in Ukraine May 9: Russia continues to thrive in Avdiivka

Panoramic map of the war in Ukraine on May 8.

According to the Military Summary channel, last night, the Russian army conducted further attacks on Ukraine’s important infrastructure.

West of Staramaiorsk, Moscow forces captured fields up to the outskirts of the city, thereby improving their tactical position.

In Krasnohorivka, Russian units advanced directly in front of the hospital in the east of the city, successfully encircling dozens of Ukrainian infantry soldiers.

War in Ukraine May 9: Russia continues to thrive in Avdiivka

War map of Ukraine in Krasnohorivka on May 8.

At Chasov Yar, Moscow’s intense bombardment continued, with the bombing radius even expanding to the western areas of Ivanisvke and Klischiivka.

The Seversk region is relatively quiet today.

Russia accelerates in Eastern Ukraine

War in Ukraine May 9: Russia continues to thrive in Avdiivka

Soldiers of the self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic fire a D-20 cannon from a combat position (Photo: Sputnik).

Russia on May 8 announced that it had entered eastern Ukraine, taking control of the village of Kyslivka in the Kharkov region of Ukraine and the village of Novokalynove in the Donetsk region.

In recent weeks, Moscow has increased the intensity of its attacks, breaking a series of Ukrainian defense lines in the East, aiming to gain superiority on the battlefield in the context of Kiev running out of weapons and ammunition and having to wait for new aid from the West.

However, Admiral Rob Bauer, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, believes that it is not too late for Ukraine to win because Russia’s momentum is relatively limited and has no strategic significance.

The EU takes strong action against Russia’s frozen assets

According to Western press, the EU has reached an agreement on a plan to use billions of euros in profits from frozen assets of the Russian central bank to support Ukraine.

On May 8, Belgium announced that European Union (EU) ambassadors had `agreed in principle on measures related to extraordinary revenue derived from Russian fixed assets`.

The money will be used `to support Ukraine’s military resiliency and defense in the context of Russia’s military campaign,` the announcement said.

Britain will expel the Russian military attaché

War in Ukraine May 9: Russia continues to thrive in Avdiivka

British Home Secretary James Cleverly (Photo: Times).

Britain on May 8 announced the expulsion of a Russian military attache and the closure of the country’s diplomatic facilities, in a drastic move by London that could seriously worsen relations between the two countries.

British Home Secretary James Cleverly said the Russian defense attaché – an `undeclared military intelligence officer` – would be expelled from the UK, amid London’s sanctions targeting

Mr. Cleverly also announced the removal of diplomatic status for a number of Russian-owned facilities in the UK.

The defense attaché appears to have been in the UK since at least 2014 and appeared at flower-laying ceremonies for Russians killed in the war in 2020 and 2023.

This is the first time Britain has expelled a Russian defense attache since the end of the Cold War.