(Dan Tri) – A group of German lawmakers called on the West to help Ukraine shoot down Russian missiles and UAVs.

A Russian missile system (Photo: Sputnik).

FAZ reported on May 11 that a number of German lawmakers from both the ruling party and the opposition support the idea of NATO helping protect western Ukraine’s airspace from attacks from Russia.

According to FAZ, some experts such as Nico Lange from the Munich Security Conference or Lieutenant General Heinrich Brauss, former deputy secretary general of NATO, have suggested that the Western military alliance could shoot down Russian missiles over the air.

Polish officials have also mentioned this possibility but no specific decisions have been made.

Congressman Anton Hofreiter of the Green Party of Germany said that NATO can help Ukraine protect its western airspace from Russian firepower.

He emphasized that this topic has not yet been discussed because NATO is still focusing on providing additional air defense systems to Ukraine.

Agnieszka Brugger, a parliamentarian from Germany’s Green Party, also said that NATO `placing air defense systems on the borders of countries so that the western region of Ukraine can also be protected` is the right action.

Meanwhile, Mr. Roderich Kiesewetter from the opposition Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party said that Western countries could shoot down the firepower that Russia launched into Ukraine.

`This will reduce the burden on Ukraine’s air defense forces and allow them to protect areas on the front lines,` Mr. Kiesewetter said, recalling how the United States and other Western countries protect their airspace.

Marcus Faber from the ruling coalition’s Free Democratic Party (FDP) also agreed that, in principle, `airspace over Ukraine’s border areas` could be `protected by air defense systems on NATO territory.`

However, Mr. Faber noted that air and missile defense systems are in short supply, so long-term ammunition supplies must be guaranteed.

Germany is one of the leading countries in supporting Ukraine’s air defense capabilities, having provided Ukraine with many modern defense systems in recent times.

In recent times, Poland has repeatedly accused Russian missiles of violating the NATO country’s airspace when Moscow attacked western Ukraine.

In March, Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Andrzej Szejna said that NATO was considering shooting down any Russian missiles near the borders of member countries.

`NATO is analyzing various options, including the option that such missiles should be shot down when they are close to NATO borders, but this would have to be done with the consent of the Ukrainian side and with