(Dan Tri) – The T-90M tank set an unbelievable record by accurately destroying a Ukrainian military ship on the Dnieper River.

T-90M Proryv tank (Photo: RIA Novosti).

T-90M accurately destroyed Ukrainian ships on the river

Sputnik reported on May 16 that in the Kherson area, a T-90M tank detachment of the Russian Dnieper River Fleet locked a ship full of Ukrainian soldiers that was silently infiltrating the south bank of the river.

After a roar, the firepower on the T-90M tore through the quiet night sky and accurately hit the target.

Firepower from the┬áT-90M immediately turned the Ukrainian army’s defensive position into rubble, demonstrating the powerful power of Russian tank artillery.

Uralvagonzavod continues to deliver T-90M tanks in large quantities

Bulgarian Military said on May 17 that Russia’s largest tank manufacturing corporation, Uralvagonzavod (UVZ), continues to supply a large number of T-90M tanks to the Russian army.

A press release from the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that a batch of 23 brand new T-90M Proryvs were delivered to the Central Military District.

The delivery was made on May 15, this delivery took place only 10 days after another delivery of the same T-90M tank model.

UVZ is clearly working at full speed, as previously, another batch of tanks delivered to the Russian army was produced in March in an unknown quantity.

The delivery of the third batch of T-90M tanks in just two and a half months confirms the intelligence statement of the British Ministry of Defense that the defense industrial complex, capable of meeting the tank needs of the Russian Army,

According to information provided by British intelligence, how many tanks the Russian army loses at the front each month is quickly fully compensated by Moscow.

Obviously, British intelligence information contradicts previous Western predictions, that is, Russia’s weapons production industry in general and T-90M tanks in particular will be paralyzed because of the embargo from the EU.

Russian T-90M tanks set an unprecedented record, destroying Ukrainian ships on the river

Russian T-90M Proryv tank (Photo: Russian Defense Ministry).

What outstanding features does the T-90M tank have?

Of course, not all T-90M tanks are produced completely new, as Ukrainian analysts confirm, a significant number of T-90M tanks delivered, are upgraded versions of the T-90M tanks.

According to battlefield information from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, fierce battles continue along the front line and the Russian Army suffers significant damage to armored vehicles every day.

The same thing happened with the Ukrainian armed forces.

Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that their T-90M tank is the best in the world.

Russia’s T-72, T-80, T-90M tanks or the Western M1 Abrams, Leopard 1/2 and Challenger 2 are all helpless against Western and Russian missile systems and anti-tank mines, especially

The T-90M Proryv is an advanced variant of the T-90 main battle tank with many significant upgrades thanks to the combination of modern technology and enhanced combat capabilities, significantly improving survivability.

The T-90M has a length of about 9.63m (calculated from the barrel section facing forward), a width of 3.78m and a height of about 2.22m.

The vehicle is equipped with many advanced systems and components, especially the new turret with improved armor protection, Relikt explosive reactive armor (ERA) system and automatic artillery loader.

The T-90M’s fire control system is the most modern type, incorporating the Kalina integrated fire control system including a multi-channel observation system, thermal imaging, laser rangefinder and ballistic computer.

The main gun of the T-90M Proryv is a 125mm 2A46M-5 smoothbore gun, which can fire many different types of ammunition, including armor-piercing, tail-stabilized shells (APFSDS), and concave explosive anti-tank shells (HEAT).

The automatic artillery loading system allows firing at a high rate of fire and reduces the crew’s workload.

In addition to the main cannon, the T-90M is also equipped with secondary weapons to improve combat effectiveness.