(Dan Tri) – US media said that Ukraine now has no more soldiers for Washington to train in Europe.

Ukrainian soldiers fighting in Donbass (Photo: Getty).

The Washington Post quoted US officials as saying that the number and frequency of Ukrainian soldiers training at US bases in Western Europe has decreased to almost zero in recent months.

The last US-trained brigade left Germany in January or February, the source said.

US and Ukrainian officials have not commented on this information, but if this is true, it shows that Ukraine’s challenges in recruiting troops are becoming clearer.

The US began training Ukrainian troops in April 2022, with activities taking place at the Grafenwoehr Training Area in Germany.

The program was expanded in January 2023 to train 12 brigades in preparation for Kiev’s summer counteroffensive.

In addition to these 12 brigades, three Ukrainian brigades were trained by other European countries, while the Americans taught combined arms tactics to a tank battalion and two battalions of Kiev’s national guard.

However, the training process has stalled since February, showing that `human resources are running out,` the Washington Post said.

Ukraine’s manpower problem has been reported by Western media since late last year, although Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in February that Kiev had only had 31,000 soldiers killed since 2022.

Ukrainian officials have repeatedly admitted that military recruitment is becoming difficult because of psychological fatigue caused by the war.

Ukraine announced a general mobilization order immediately after the start of the conflict with Russia in February 2022.

However, Ukraine’s military recruitment campaign has faced a number of negative developments and draft evasion.

In May 2023, the Ukrainian parliament voted in favor of a bill lowering the age limit for military mobilization from 27 to 25, in an effort to add resources to the army.

Last week, Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry stopped most consular services for military-age men abroad, including passport renewals.

Meanwhile, Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte on April 29 called on the EU to support Ukraine in bringing home men of military age living abroad, adding that her country could do so.

In addition, Polish Defense Minister Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysz said on April 24 that the country is ready to help Ukraine bring male citizens of military age back to the country to support Kiev in the war lasting more than 2 years.

The Eurostat database estimates that about 4.3 million Ukrainians were living in European Union countries as of January, of whom about 860,000 were adult men.