(Dan Tri) – US President Joe Biden warned that Iran `sooner or later` will retaliate against Israel, but Washington affirmed that it would make Iran’s plan fail.

US President Joe Biden (Photo: AFP).

`I don’t want to mention security information, but I guess Iran will sooner or later attack Israel,` US President Joe Biden told reporters on April 12.

The White House owner also sent the only warning message to Iran: `Do not (attack Israel)`.

The US leader also affirmed: `We will do our best to protect Israel. We will support Israel, we will help protect Israel, and Iran will not succeed.`

The US and its ally Israel have been placed on high alert, guarding against the risk of Iran retaliating against Israel in the coming days.

CBS quoted two unnamed US officials as saying that Iran could carry out a large-scale attack with dozens of missiles and more than 100 drones targeting Israeli interests as early as the weekend.

The source also confirmed that if that scenario occurs, Washington will try to prevent any weapons targeting Israel.

The US Navy in the Red Sea has previously intercepted long-range missiles aimed at Israel by the pro-Iranian Houthi armed group in Yemen.

A US defense official said that the country is also moving more assets to the Middle East `to strengthen deterrence efforts in the region and increase protection for US forces`.

The Pentagon is working to strengthen the air defense capabilities of US troops stationed in Iraq and Syria.

Meanwhile, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said the country’s army was `ready to defend itself on land and in the air with close cooperation with partners`.

Relations between Israel and Iran escalated recently after Tehran accused Israel of launching a missile attack and destroying the consulate building in the Iranian embassy in Damascus, Syria on April 1.

After the above incident, Iran announced a tough response to Israel, and warned that no Israeli embassy in the world was safe.

Iran is not in a hurry to respond?

While Israel and its allies are on high alert about the risk of an Iranian attack in the next few days, Tehran has signaled that it is not in a hurry to respond and will respond in a way that avoids a major escalation.

Iran’s above message was sent by Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian during his visit to Oman on April 7.

US intelligence sources said that Iran’s response will be `controlled`, `not escalating`, to avoid a direct confrontation with Israel and the US.

In a related development, the Israeli military said that pro-Iranian Hezbollah forces in Lebanon launched more than 40 rockets into Israeli territory on the evening of April 12.

The raid caused no casualties, but Israel responded with air strikes on Hezbollah bases in southern Lebanon.