(Dan Tri) – Director Ly Hai revealed interesting stories about the process of building the scene of the movie `Face Off 7: A Wish`.

On April 10, the production crew of Flip 7: A Wish attracted attention when revealing the behind-the-scenes of the film, the process of Ly Hai’s investment and research to create the context for the work.

In the film, the character Mrs. Hai (played by Thanh Hien) lives in a house by the stream, where she witnesses her childhood, the process of her children growing up and leaving.

The main character’s house was built realistically in every detail by the film crew (Photo: Provided by the film crew).

Although the natural setting is picturesque, it still poses a big challenge for Ly Hai’s film crew.

To do this, the film crew transported each brick and corrugated iron sheet, built each board and piece of wood, taking a lot of time to create the house exactly as the director wanted.

Every item in the house from the thermos, stairs to the door switch is meticulously crafted, turning the abstract concept of `childhood home` into life.

Ly Hai built many rows of houses and planted millions of immortal flowers to use as movie backdrops

The house has the image of a giant fire (Photo: Provided by the film crew).

Besides Mrs. Hai’s house, the film crew also built a house shaped like a giant fire because, according to Ly Hai, the fire is not only for heating but also a symbol in the highlands and cold lands, symbolizing the connection

The director shared: `A well-built context will be an important factor in telling the story, helping the audience feel and better understand the emotional journey of the characters.

I want to build a new, unique, strange and large context.

Ly Hai built many rows of houses and planted millions of immortal flowers to use as movie backdrops

The immortal flower garden was planted and cared for by the crew to create realistic scenes (Photo: Provided by the film crew).

The large immortal flower garden setting is also a highlight in the film.

To create realistic scenes, Ly Hai did not use fake flowers but planted a field of real flowers.

After the film’s scenes were revealed, many viewers admired and enjoyed it, expecting part 7 to be more `spectacular` than previous parts.

Flip 7: One Wish was written, directed, scripted, produced and edited by Ly Hai.