(Dan Tri) – Re-appearing on the Vietnamese screen in Ly Hai’s movie `Face Off 7`, Truong Minh Cuong said he felt happier, more excited and seemed to have found himself again after the failures and breakdowns in the past.

Actor Truong Minh Cuong (born 1978) has been known to the audience through many television dramas, the most prominent of which is The Wind Against the Season.

Truong Minh Cuong once shared that at one point, within 15 minutes of `advertising prime time`, there were 5 ads featuring him.

However, at what was considered the peak of his career, Truong Minh Cuong decided to suspend his artistic activities and settle in the US.

Returning to Vietnam after a long period of pausing artistic activities and living in the US, how does Truong Minh Cuong feel he has changed?

– Lately, I rarely shop or use branded goods.

Where does this change come from?

– In America, I began to feel more excited, wanting to stand up after failures, but when I returned to Vietnam, my energy became full.

Actor Truong Minh Cuong (Photo: Character Facebook).

What specifically are the failures that Truong Minh Cuong talks about?

– There was a period when I was exhausted, lost my career, my family, lost everything.

Truong Minh Cuong’s life in America seems difficult.

– In life, there are decisions that are right at one time but wrong at another.

I didn’t expect that after that decision, I would face many great lessons about failure and mistakes.

How long has it been since you came to America that you missed it and thought you needed to return to art?

– In recent years, since I overcame my period of depression, I realized I needed to do something more meaningful.

`Advertising King` Truong Minh Cuong: `I was depressed, lost everything when I went to America`

The actor was once described as `the Vietnamese version of Jang Dong Gun` (Photo: Character Facebook).

However, for a long time, the audience did not see him make any moves to show his drastic return to art?

– Everything has a reason.

I was extremely shy so I kept hesitating, waiting for a moment, waiting for a suitable opportunity.

So Truong Minh Cuong was personally invited by director Ly Hai to participate in `Face Off 7: One Wish`?

– I still have to audition and meet the requirements to get this role.

When I first practiced dialogue at director Ly Hai’s house, I cried.

`Advertising King` Truong Minh Cuong: `I was depressed, lost everything when I went to America`

Truong Minh Cuong takes on the role of Hai Khon in the movie `Face Off 7` (Photo: Character Facebook).

Has Truong Minh Cuong’s acting changed after 12 years of hiatus?

– When I first accepted the role, I was very carefree.

Fortunately, when I act, I receive many compliments, which makes me more excited and more confident in my profession.

For me, the role of Hai Khon is a psychologically heavy role, very difficult, especially when I just returned after 12 years away from art.

Returning to art, is Truong Minh Cuong afraid of his personal life and past being dissected?

– As a celebrity, my private life will certainly receive attention from the audience.

`Advertising King` Truong Minh Cuong: `I was depressed, lost everything when I went to America`

Truong Minh Cuong used to be worried and afraid of failure when filming Ly Hai’s movie (Photo: Character Facebook).

Who is there to encourage and support you in this comeback?

– My mother has been by my side and encouraged me a lot, making me excited and motivated to grasp happiness in life.

My mother and I love each other very much, but we are not together.

Mom’s health is still good, but lately, being away from me makes her sad because she misses me.

What about Truong Minh Cuong’s relationship with his two children at present?

– My two children are currently 11 and 14 years old.