(Dan Tri) – Actor – MC Duc Tien participates in the movie `A Fragile Flower` which will be released in theaters in the US, India and Vietnam in the near future.

Actor – MC Duc Tien returns to the screen with the movie Fragile Flower directed by Mai Thu Huyen.

As a movie – music, Fragile Flower will introduce to the audience 15 songs in all 3 languages ​​​​Vietnamese, English, and French, carefully selected to suit the details in the movie.

Duc Tien plays a director with a beautiful love for the female lead in the movie `Fragile Flower` (Photo: Provided by the character).

Recently, producer Jacqueline Thao Nguyen also held a screening for investors and special guests in Beverly Hill Hollywood.

Duc Tien shared that this is the first time his daughter Madison (Meo) will appear in the movie as the child of Mai Thu Huyen and Quoc Cuong.

For his part, the actor born in 1980 said that his character has many interesting things that carry a clear message.

According to Duc Tien, in the film there are many interesting and unique scenes such as music shows with more than 4,000 spectators, the Yosemite mountain range, the most famous landscape in America, the vast Lancaster windmill field,…

Duc Tien acted in Mai Thu Huyen's movie

Director Mai Thu Huyen and Duc Tien at the film introduction event in the US (Photo: Provided by the character).

Talking about the difficulties of participating in the film, the former supermodel said that he spent a month traveling with the crew.

Regarding advantages, Duc Tien shared that he was able to film in concentrated scenes in California so he could arrange his filming time without too much impact on his work and taking care of his family.

Duc Tien also gave a lot of praise to director – actress Mai Thu Huyen: `Mai Thu Huyen is a woman, but she works as a director, so it’s very hard, and she also plays the main role, so she’s often stressed.`

Duc Tien also added that he is the one who always encourages, mentally supports and `adds fire` to Mai Thu Huyen after hard days on set.

The movie Fragile Flower with the participation of Mai Thu Huyen, Quoc Cuong, Duc Tien, Maya, Nhat Ha, Trizzie Phuong Trinh, Baggio,… is expected to hit theaters on March 21 in the US, on March 8.