(Dan Tri) – The final episode of `Queen of Tears` aired and recorded a record number of viewers, making this movie the highest-viewed movie in the history of tvN (Korea).

On the evening of April 28, the final episode of The Queen of Tears saw the viewership rating skyrocket from 21.056% to 24.85%.

This achievement also officially helps this movie surpass Crash Landing on You – a work that once ranked top 1 in viewership ratings of tvN (Korea) with a rating of 21.683%.

The final episode of `The Queen of Tears` achieved a record number of views, surpassing `Crash Landing on You` to become the movie with the highest views on tvN (Photo: tvN).

Not only did it surpass Crash Landing on You to become the drama with the highest viewership rating in tvN history, The Queen of Tears also officially surpassed JTBC’s Sky Castle to take the top 3 spot on the list.

One of the reasons why Queen of Tears has such impressive ratings is the perfect pairing of the main actors Kim Soo Hyun – Kim Ji Won.

In the last episode of Queen of Tears, the conflicts of the film are resolved when mother and daughter Eun Sung, one is imprisoned, the other loses his life after too many crimes they committed.

Hyun Woo (played by Kim Soo Hyun) luckily escaped death and returned happily to Hae In (played by Kim Ji Won).

However, in the final scene of the movie, Hae In still leaves after many years of living with the person she loves.

`Queen of Tears` ended the controversy but still surpassed `Crash Landing on You`

Sweet scene in the final episode of `Queen of Tears` (Photo: tvN).

For many viewers, this is considered the emotional ending of the film, but some say that this ending makes them somewhat disappointed.

Launched in March, The Queen of Tears quickly caused a fever on the Netflix platform in many countries, at one point even reaching the top 1 position globally, in the non-English drama category.

Queen of Tears revolves around the love story of two characters including the third-generation heiress of Queens Group Hong Hae In (played by Kim Ji Won) and the son of a local grocery store owner Baek Hyun.

`Queen of Tears` ended the controversy but still surpassed `Crash Landing on You`

The controversial ending scene in `Queen of Tears` (Photo: tvN).

Queen of Tears written by Park Ji Eun.

The film’s budget was 56 billion won (about 1,031 billion VND) for 16 episodes, equivalent to 3.5 billion won per episode (about 64 billion VND).

Despite the large budget investment, The Queen of Tears still brings large profits to the producers from selling the film’s broadcasting rights.