(Dan Tri) – Ly Hai confided that the movie `Face Off 7: One Wish` was a gift he sent to his mother.

On the evening of April 24, the premiere of the movie Flip 7: One Wish took place in Ho Chi Minh City, gathering a large number of artists and audiences.

Because of her old age and weak health, Ly Hai’s mother had to use a wheelchair when moving to the stage.

She continuously chatted and personally brought her mother-in-law on and off the stage despite wearing quite cumbersome clothes.

Minh Ha is close to her mother-in-law at the premiere of the movie `Face Off 7: One Wish` (Photo: Moc Khai).

At the event, Ly Hai said that his biological mother was the inspiration for him to create the story in Face Off 7: A Wish.

`For a long time, I’ve always wanted to do something for my mother, but only now have I been able to do it. I really want to thank my mother and my family, because they gave me this day.

Ly Hai brought his 99-year-old mother and nearly 20 relatives in his hometown to attend the launch of `Turn Face 7`

Ly Hai invited nearly 20 family members to the premiere of the movie `Face Off 7` (Photo: Moc Khai).

In addition to his biological mother, Ly Hai also invited his family of eight siblings from his hometown to Ho Chi Minh City to attend the movie premiere.

`Everyone sees that there are so many members, but in my hometown there are still 30-40 relatives,` Ly Hai added.

Many people expressed their admiration and congratulated Ly Hai on completing her wish to do something special for her mother.

On this occasion, Ly Hai also said that one of the reasons he made this movie was because of his children.

`In previous films, when editing the film, I did not let the children see scenes that were not appropriate for their age. At that time, the children also expressed their wish that their parents could make a film that the whole family, too, could

This is also the first time that all four of Ly Hai’s children appear in a movie made by their parents and can go to the theater to watch the movie together.

Ly Hai brought his 99-year-old mother and nearly 20 relatives in his hometown to attend the launch of `Turn Face 7`

Actors in the movie `Turn Face 7` (Photo: Moc Khai).

Flip 7: One Wish is a movie about family love.

This part of Ly Hai’s film is set across the country and brings together actors from diverse regions.

The actors participating in Face Off 7 include familiar faces such as: Artist Manh Dung, actors Thanh Hien, Quach Ngoc Tuyen, Truong Minh Cuong, Tiet Cuong, Tran Kim Hai, Thanh Thuc, child actor Ngan Chi.