(Dan Tri) – Former US President Donald Trump praised Mr. Volodymyr Zelensky’s ability to call for aid, saying that the President of Ukraine is `an excellent salesman`.

Former US President Donald Trump (Photo: Newsweek).

During a meeting with voters in Vandalia, Ohio over the weekend, Mr. Trump, the Republican presidential candidate in this year’s election, commented that Mr. Zelensky is `one of the best salesmen.`

According to Mr. Trump, every time Mr. Zelensky comes to the US, he is able to persuade more aid to Ukraine to deal with Russia’s military campaign that has lasted more than 2 years.

Also at the event, Mr. Trump raised his opinion on providing billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine.

`We should lend them money, not send them money, so that if they make money, they will pay it back to us,` Mr. Trump said.

`Let me tell you, Mr. Zelensky is one of the best salesmen in history. Every time he comes to America, he leaves with 50 or 60 billion USD in aid. I have never

Since the start of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine in February 2022, the United States has been Kiev’s main supporter, providing the country with approximately $113 billion in military, economic and humanitarian aid.

Mr. Trump last week said that the US had spent too much money on Ukraine, even on behalf of many other NATO countries.

US President Joe Biden is pushing the US Congress to pass a foreign aid bill worth $95 billion, which includes additional military aid worth more than $60 billion to Kiev.

He warned that Ukraine would lose more territory to Russia if the bill was not passed.

The White House is also considering options to seize about $285 billion in frozen Russian assets by 2022 and use this money to buy Ukrainian weapons.

Russia warned that it would respond if the above scenario occurred.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who met former US President Donald Trump on March 8, said that if Mr. Trump is elected, he has a `quite detailed plan` to end the war in Ukraine by not spending any money.

`He has a very clear vision, it’s hard for anyone to disagree. He said the following: He will not spend another penny on the Russia-Ukraine war.

That will be how the war ends because it is clear that Ukraine cannot fight if the US and Europe do not provide money and weapons.

The Hungarian Prime Minister revealed that Mr. Trump’s view is that the US does not want to be the one to spend money to protect European security.

`If Europe is wary of Russia or wants a high level of security in general, it must pay for it, either by building its own army and weapons. If America does this, then Europe must