(Dan Tri) – On April 16, Kim Hieora’s management company issued an official announcement about the case of the `Glory in Hatred` star being accused of violence against his classmates.

In the announcement, Kim Hieora’s management company said that the actress had resolved the incident smoothly with the victims.

The company also apologized to the audience on behalf of Kim Hieora and said she was taking time to reflect on herself.

Kim Hieora said that she and the victim of the school violence case had resolved it amicably (Photo: Dispatch).

To respond to the love from the public, she will rebuild her life with a sincere heart.

The management company’s announcement made the name Kim Hieora quickly become a hot keyword searched on Korean social networks.

Many opinions believe that this is a move that paves the way for the reappearance of the beauty Glory in Hatred.

Kim Hieora became the focus of the Korean press in September 2023 when news agency Dispatch suddenly released a series of evidence that the actress used to be the `big sister` at school, bullying her school friends.

Conclusion of the case of the evil girl `Glory in Hatred` being accused of school violence

Kim Hieora is a rising star of Korean cinema thanks to the success of the project `Glory in Hatred` (Photo: Naver).

When the news broke out, Kim Hieora was the rising name of the movie Glory in Hatred (The Glory).

Dispatch news agency also released a handwritten letter written by the actress.

Kim Hiera’s letter read: `I admit, in my tender teenage years, I was once rebellious. Currently, I feel very ashamed of that time.`

Kim Hiera confessed that pursuing art was a wise decision because thanks to acting, she believed that she had never bullied or harmed anyone.

Conclusion of the case of the evil girl `Glory in Hatred` being accused of school violence

Kim Hieora has impressive acting in `Glory in Hatred` (Photo: tvN).

She wishes to change: `I can’t go back in time or erase the past, but I’m definitely trying to grow up. If everyone gives me the opportunity, I hope to show my good side.`

Kim Hieora (born 1989) used to be a musical actress before moving to Korean dramas in 2021. In 2023, she made a strong impression when participating in the project The Glory (Glory in Hatred).

Kim Hieora is considered a talented actress when portraying many different roles.