(Dan Tri) – In the list of the 5 best-selling imported car models in 2023, there are products that record leading consumption in the entire market, but not all models rank first in their segment.

Vietnam’s automobile market in 2023 sees decline as the general trend, influenced by the economy.

However, many imported CBU models still record relatively good sales.

Mitsubishi Xpander: 19,740 vehicles

Mitsubishi Xpander is the only product on the list that is not a `purely` imported car.

Mitsubishi Xpander is located in the small MPV segment, the suggested retail price ranges from 560-658 million VND (Photo: Cuong Seven).

In fact, the MT version of this model is not as `attractive` as the two AT variants.

Compared to 2022, total sales of Mitsubishi Xpander in 2023 decreased by 10%.

Toyota Corolla Cross: 10,485 vehicles

Ranked 2nd on the list is the Toyota Corolla Cross, with sales decreasing by up to 51% by 2023. This model is still the best-selling in the B+ urban SUV segment, but loses to the Hyundai Creta (10,719 units).

Best-selling imported car models in 2023

Toyota Corolla Cross is imported completely from Thailand, the listed price ranges from 760-955 million VND (Photo: TMV).

Experts explain that the decline of Corolla Cross stems from many factors, including the impact of the price reduction race in the C-SUV segment.

There are rumors that the mid-life upgrade (facelift) of the Toyota Corolla Cross will return to Vietnam in May. According to some sales consultants, this B+ size SUV will have some slight design changes.

In addition, the standard G version will be eliminated, leaving only 2 variants V and HEV (hybrid).

Ford Everest: 9,960 vehicles

Ford Everest is one of the few car models to record sales growth in 2023, specifically nearly 43% compared to 2022. That result helps Everest firmly hold the number 1 position in the D-class SUV segment.

Best-selling imported car models in 2023

Ford Everest is imported in complete units from Thailand, the suggested retail price ranges from 1,099 to 1,499 billion VND (Photo: FVN).

Experts explain that Ford Everest has good sales in the context of market decline thanks to attractive upgrades in the new generation, from interior/exterior design to safety technology.

Mitsubishi Attrage: 5,050 vehicles

Although it is on the list of best-selling imported car models in Vietnam in 2023, Mitsubishi Attrage can only rank 4th in the B-class sedan segment. Compared to 2022, the consumption of this model decreased.

Best-selling imported car models in 2023

Mitsubishi Attrage is imported completely from Thailand with 3 versions and selling prices ranging from 380-490 million VND (Photo: MMV).

Attrage’s price is relatively attractive, low in the B-class sedan segment, but this model is not as popular as Hyundai Accent, Toyota Vios or Honda City.

The bright spot of Attrage lies in its fuel economy, about 6.5 liters/100km of urban roads, according to the manufacturer’s announcement.

Toyota Raize: 4,546 vehicles

Similar to Toyota Corolla Cross and Mitsubishi Attrage, Toyota Raize is not the best-selling product in its competitive segment.

Best-selling imported car models in 2023

Toyota Raize is imported from Indonesia, distributed in only 1 version (Photo: Cuong Nguyen).

Toyota Raize competes directly with Kia Sonet and `rookie` Hyundai Venue in the A-SUV class.

In 2024, the Japanese automaker’s proposed retail price adjustment for Toyota Raize will be reduced by up to 54 million VND to 498 million VND.