(Dan Tri) – Australia has donated trace explosive detection equipment and the most modern software package to Vietnam to enhance aviation security.

Australian Ambassador to Vietnam Andrew Goledzinowski spoke at the equipment donation ceremony (Photo: Thanh Dat).

On May 17, the Australian Embassy in Vietnam and the Australian Department of Home Affairs presented trace explosive detection equipment, the most modern software package and a laptop to Vietnam Airports Corporation,

This device will complement and enhance existing security control measures applied to international flights departing from Vietnam, making an important contribution to the way of ensuring multi-layered security to protect passengers and passengers.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Australian Ambassador to Vietnam Andrew Goledzinowski said: `Air transport contributes to maintaining close links between Australia and Vietnam, as well as connecting us globally. Role

The donation of equipment demonstrates the close commitment between Australia and Vietnam to enhance regional transport security.

`Australia is proud of its cooperation with Vietnam in the field of transport security. Modern explosive trace detection equipment is an important component in ensuring security and safety for travel and trade.

In more than a year that Ambassador Goledzinowski has been working in Vietnam, he said the number of direct flights between Vietnam and Australia has doubled.

According to Ambassador Goledzinowski, `the most important factor that helps the aviation industry operate effectively is trust, which is why ensuring security is so important.`

`Vietnam is considered a country with a very low level of risk in the aviation industry, but we want to maintain this risk at the lowest possible level. That is why we want to cooperate with airlines.`

Australia donates modern aviation security control equipment to Vietnam

Representatives of the Australian Embassy, Australian Ministry of Home Affairs and Vietnam Airports Corporation took photos with the awarded equipment (Photo: Thanh Dat).

Minister Counselor, Director of the Mekong Region (under the Australian Department of Home Affairs) Jodie Bjerregaard, said that today’s equipment donation event demonstrates the long-term relationship between Vietnam and Australia on transportation security.

According to Ms. Bjerregaard, the equipment donated by Australia to Vietnam has the capacity to process 180 samples/hour and is portable, can use batteries and accumulators, thereby ensuring operation in busy environments.

The accompanying software suite provides updated information on risks as well as contributes to improving the capacity of screening staff, is a tool to evaluate screening effectiveness and develop screening training programs.

The software suite supports 1-dimensional, 2-dimensional screening, and 3D tomographic images, which is the basis for building training programs suitable for current and future screening technology.

`The devices will help detect prohibited goods and explosives, thereby ensuring security and air transport. These are the most modern devices on the market that have been tested and certified, meeting