(Dan Tri) – With a 2-1 victory over Bournemouth in round 38 of the Premier League, Chelsea has secured a place in next season’s European Cup.

Chelsea won tickets to the European Cup, Newcastle had to wait

Chelsea hosts Bournemouth at home in round 38 of the 2023-24 Premier League.

Chelsea players celebrate after Caicedo’s masterpiece (Photo: Getty).

After the opening goal, Chelsea players played quite comfortably and created many scoring opportunities. Unfortunately, the home team did not get a second goal before the break.

Although Bournemouth controlled the ball less than the home team, they finished quite a lot, but the away team’s shooting accuracy was quite low, so there were no goals.

In the 48th minute, Sterling broke through from the left into the penalty area. His shot from a tight angle sent the ball past goalkeeper Neto into the net, doubling the gap.

Chelsea attends the European Cup, Man Utd is the worst in Premier League history

Sterling scored the second goal for Chelsea (Photo: Getty).

However, Chelsea’s two-goal gap only lasted exactly one minute.

The goal boosted Bournemouth’s morale, the away team proactively attacked for the rest, increasing their finishing and creating great pressure on Petrovic’s goal.

With a 2-1 victory, Chelsea ended the season with 63 points, ranked 6th. Pochettino’s team will definitely participate in the European Cup, but participating in the Europa League or Europa Conference League depends on the match results.

Newcastle had a 4-2 victory over Brentford on the closing day, thereby gaining 60 points and ranking 7th. Similar to Chelsea’s situation, whether Newcastle will receive a spot in the Europa Conference League or not will depend on the FA final.

Man Utd is the worst in Premier League history

Man Utd won 2-0 at Brighton in round 38 of the Premier League.

Chelsea attends the European Cup, Man Utd is the worst in Premier League history

Man Utd had their second consecutive victory (Photo: Getty).

Suddenly, in the 73rd minute, the Brighton defender was engrossed in marking Hojlund and let the ball hit his hand, allowing Dalot to receive the ball and face goalkeeper Steele. The Portuguese defender finished neatly to open the score.

The goal cheered the spirit of Man Utd players.

Man Utd’s victory was meaningless when Newcastle also won 4-2 against Brentford.

Thus, Man Utd cannot participate in the European Cup next season through its ranking position in the Premier League.