(Dan Tri) – The Cannes Film Festival is facing the risk of a strike by seasonal staff serving at the event.

Cannes Film Festival will open on May 14.

These seasonal employees are responding to the request to change the regulations issued by the French authorities, applicable to personnel serving at French film festivals.

Seasonal employees may strike at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival (Photo: The Guardian).

The movement of seasonal staff serving at French film festivals is now collectively named Sous les Écrans la Dèche (Poverty behind the screen).

These seasonal employees are quite numerous, including event decoration staff, transportation staff and many other `unnamed jobs` staff.

In the new regulations that French authorities have introduced on how to evaluate whether an individual is unemployed to receive support benefits or not, seasonal employees serving at film festivals are not recognized.

In reality, these employees always have periods of time when they do not serve at any movie events and do not have a stable income during that time.

The spokesperson representing seasonal staff working at film festivals officially spoke to the French press: `Every time we participate in serving at a film festival, we must demonstrate professionalism.`

Many film festivals have begun to speak out about the difficulty of finding qualified personnel.

The move, called Poverty Behind the Screen, requires a dialogue to take place during the organization of the Cannes Film Festival.

Seasonal workers hope that the authorities will listen and come up with regulations to better protect the rights of seasonal workers serving at festivals.

Representatives of the Cannes Film Festival Organizing Committee spoke up and said they understand the difficulties that seasonal staff face.

Movie trailer `The Second Act` (Video: Unifrance).