(Dan Tri) – Even though she is one of the most famous stars in the world, Taylor Swift has never entered the fashion industry.

While most top stars have close partnerships with luxury brands, Taylor Swift is completely on the sidelines.

Looking at the reputation and influence of the female singer, many people ask: Why doesn’t she become a global ambassador or appear in major promotional campaigns of leading fashion houses?

Many opinions say that because Taylor Swift’s fashion sense and style are not good.

Taylor Swift’s simple fashion style (Photo: ELLE).

According to cultural journalist Emily Kirkpatrick, the absence from prestigious front rows or global fashion campaigns is part of the personal brand orientation meticulously built by Taylor Swift.

Kirkpatrick realized that this is a way for the singer to let the world know that she is always herself without having to say a word.

Although it is possible to wear the rarest and most luxurious designs on her body, Taylor Swift chooses lesser-known brands.

Thanks to that, the brand’s sales increased dramatically.

Why is Taylor Swift so famous but always `away` from fashion brands?

Taylor Swift goes down the street with a simple look (Photo: GC Images).

In fact, the series of designs Taylor Swift wears in everyday moments all come from high-end but less popular fashion houses.

Typically, during her appearance at the Super Bowl LVIII sports event, the female singer wore jewelry worth up to 31,000 USD (equivalent to more than 763 million VND) from the jewelry brand Shay Jewelry.

Why is Taylor Swift so famous but always `away` from fashion brands?

Taylor Swift wore `huge` jewelry to watch `Super Bowl LVIII` (Photo: @taylorswiftstyled).

Only when appearing on the red carpet can the audience easily recognize that Taylor Swift is wearing a design from a famous fashion house.

On occasions like this, Taylor Swift’s MIV (media influence index) often reaches millions of dollars.

Not only that, the female singer’s personal Instagram account also has up to 281 million followers, bringing very high media value when combined with fashion brands.

Why is Taylor Swift so famous but always `away` from fashion brands?

Taylor Swift wore a Gucci dress at the `Golden Globes 2024` awards ceremony (Photo: Vogue).

According to SCMP, the answer to all the above questions is simply that Taylor Swift became a billionaire thanks to her famous music career.

`Taylor Swift has the power in her hands. She just needs to rely on her music and her fans. She also doesn’t need approval from Anna Wintour or the fashion world because at this time, Taylor Swift is big