(Dan Tri) – Ukraine’s First Lady opened up about her family being separated when Russia’s military campaign began.

President Volodymyr Zelensky, First Lady Olena Zelenska and children (Photo: Instagram).

`Our family had to separate, like every other family in Ukraine,` the Washington Post on May 22 quoted First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska as saying in a rare interview with Ukrainian media.

According to the Washington Post, the interview was the second time Ms. Zelenska appeared with her husband, President Volodymyr Zelensky, since the Russia-Ukraine conflict began.

`He lives with his job. We haven’t seen him for two and a half months,` Ms. Zelenska said about President Zelensky.

The First Lady of Ukraine said that she felt `grateful` to participate in this interview because she had more time with her husband.

When asked if the war `took away her husband`, Ms. Zelenska said: `No one can take my husband away from me, not even the war.`

In a previous interview, Ms. Zelenska said that in the early days, she hoped to be able to stay with her husband and children, but the presidential office was turned into a military facility, so she and her children

Ms. Zelenska, 44 years old, became the First Lady of Ukraine 3 years ago.

Since the war broke out, the whereabouts of Ms. Zelenska and her children have been kept secret to ensure safety.

The First Lady of Ukraine’s messages via social networks are said to have great inspirational power, encouraging people’s morale amid the tension of war and influencing policymakers in the West.

Like many other Ukrainians, Olena and her children decided to stay in the country.

One of First Lady Zelenska’s priorities is to evacuate the most vulnerable people, such as disabled children, children with serious illnesses, and orphans, to countries ready for treatment.

One of Ms. Zelenska’s other tasks is to help refugees, especially women and children, adapt to new circumstances and living environments.

In addition, Ms. Olena also coordinated with embassies to organizeĀ eventsĀ to mobilize humanitarian support funds for the Ukrainian people.