(Dan Tri) – Princess of Wales Kate announced that she is being treated for cancer while her father-in-law, King Charles III, is also undergoing treatment for the disease.

Princess of Wales Kate announced in a video that she had cancer (Photo: Reuters).

Princess Kate announced on March 22 that she was undergoing chemotherapy after tests performed after she underwent abdominal surgery in January revealed that she had cancer.

Kate, 42, Prince William’s wife, said it was `a huge shock` when she discovered she had cancer.

Ms. Kate was hospitalized for 2 weeks in January after successful abdominal surgery.

`My medical team has advised me to undergo a course of preventive chemotherapy and I’m in the early stages of that treatment,` she said.

`Of course this is a huge shock, William and I have done everything we can to resolve this privately for the benefit of our young family,` she said.

After surgery, the British Royal Family said the Princess would not return to official duties until after Easter, which falls later this month.

Buckingham Palace said King Charles III was very proud that Princess Kate had the courage to disclose information about the disease.

Prince Harry, younger brother Prince William, and his wife Meghan Markle sent messages of encouragement to Princess Kate.

`We wish health and healing for both Princess Kate and her family, and hope they can do so privately and peacefully,` the message read.

British political leaders and US President Joe Biden’s office also sent similar messages.

Ms. Kate’s office said they would not provide further details about the type of cancer the Princess had, emphasizing that this was her right to medical confidentiality.

`It took me time to recover from major surgery to start treatment. But most importantly it took us time to explain everything to George, Charlotte and Louis in a way that was right for them, and

Medical experts say it is difficult to determine how long Kate will need treatment without more information, including the type of cancer discovered.

Professor Andrew Beggs, consultant colorectal surgeon at the University of Birmingham, said: `Preventive chemotherapy after surgery aims to reduce the risk of the cancer recurring in the future, chemotherapy kills any cells

Kensington Palace said Prince William has continued his royal duties while supporting his wife since her surgery.