(Dan Tri) – Russian media talks about Moscow’s tactics to prevent Ukrainian UAVs and artillery shells on the front lines.

Russia’s thick smoke screen (Photo: The War Zone).

With Russian and Ukrainian troops finding it difficult to move or hide due to the ubiquity of drones on the front lines, Moscow recently used a time-honored tactic on a large scale to obscure its progress.

The goal of this tactic is to protect Russian forces from Ukrainian drone and artillery attacks.

A Telegram page specializing in updating information about Russia posted a video described as recording Moscow using a smoke screen to cover their advance towards the town of Belogorovka.

Russia’s tactics to `blind` UAVs and Ukrainian firepower (Video: The Drive),

`The chemical soldiers of the Southern Group of Forces actively supported offensive operations. This time, aerosol camouflage prevented Ukraine from releasing `birds` into the air to detect the direction of the force’s movement

The video shows a convoy of Russian vehicles spewing plumes of white smoke-like substance, which eventually combine to form a layer of cloud that covers what is happening on the ground.

`As a result, Russian units captured a number of Ukrainian positions on the approach to populated areas,` the Telegram page wrote.

Ukraine has not commented on this information.

According to The War Zone, the vehicle used by Russia was fitted with a TDA-3 smoke generating vehicle.

Since 2018, Russia has used a smoke screen to cover the process of transporting the S-300 complex to Syria.

In Ukraine, smoke screens help Russia cover vehicles and equipment moving on the ground, prevent Ukraine’s UAVs from locating accurate targets for attacks, and collect intelligence information on weapon coordinates for artillery.

Due to a severe lack of weapons, Ukraine will not be able to waste artillery firing at inaccurate coordinates for which they need certainty.

Moscow also used a smoke screen to cover the bridge connecting the Crimean peninsula with mainland Russia.

According to the Washington Post, it is now difficult for Russian and Ukrainian soldiers to move on the front lines without being detected and attacked.

Using smoke screens to `blind` UAVs is considered an effective, low-cost countermeasure to help Russia send forces deeper into Ukraine’s position.