(Dan Tri) – The new decision of the German Football Federation made many fans very surprised.

`The German Football Association (DFB) will cooperate with Nike Inc from 2027 to 2034. Nike will provide kits for all German national teams and support German football as a whole,` the DFB opened

The sudden decision to end the contract lasting more than 7 decades between the king sport and Adidas surprised fans.

Deputy Prime Minister Robert Habeck told local news agency DPA that he could hardly imagine this scenario.

Throughout the historic relationship, the German national team has won 4 men’s World Cups, 3 men’s Euros, 2 women’s World Cups and 8 women’s Euros with the partnership creating many iconic shirts.

In 2019, the company signed a four-year contract extension with the agreement ending in 2022 (Photo: Getty).

DFB President Bernd Neuendorf stated that the new cooperation allows DFB to carry out central functions for the comprehensive development of football in Germany in the next decade.

DFB GmbH & Co. CEO Holger Blask.

The American brand made the best financial offer and impressed with its vision, which included a clear commitment to supporting amateur and grassroots sports, as well as sustainable development.

`We are grateful to be able to look forward to a financially stable future once again thanks to Nike’s commitment as an association,` said treasurer Stephan Grunwald.

Having just ended a 70-year contract, German football joined hands with rival Adidas

Chairman Bernd Neuendorf shared: `We look forward to cooperating with Nike` (Photo: DFB).

DFB did not announce how much the new agreement is worth.

Before the contract expires in December 2026, DFB is committed to achieving further mutual success with its long-standing partner.

An adidas spokesperson said they have been informed that the federation has a new supplier from 2027. Germany will be the host of the Euro 2024 men’s football championship, taking place in June-July this year.

Adidas will provide uniforms for 7 national teams, including Germany, Italy, Spain… German players will continue to wear the 3-stripe brand’s shirts at Euro 2024 and the World Cup.

Having just ended a 70-year contract, German football joined hands with rival Adidas

The agreement with Nike means that for the first time the American sportswear company will produce soccer uniforms for Germany (Photo: Reuters).

Adidas has been the kit supplier for the German national team since 1954. The only time the German national football team wore kits from another manufacturer was in the 1970s. At that time, the players

The CNN writer commented that things are getting worse and worse for Adidas.

A huge tax bill and a split with rapper Kanye West have sent the German sports giant into a rare loss.

The German brand sold off its inventory over the past year, generating significant revenue and leading to multiple financial guidance increases throughout the year, Yahoo Finance said.