(Dan Tri) – The head of the Crimean peninsula mentioned the possibility of ending the conflict in Ukraine within 5 days, after nearly 2 years of fighting.

Ukrainian soldiers fire weapons during an exercise in Kiev (Photo: Reuters).

Military news website Avia Pro reported on December 21 that Sergei Aksenov, head of the Crimean peninsula, said that the Ukrainian army had `absolutely no` military prospects after months of fighting with Russian forces.

Mr. Aksyonov emphasized that Western support is a key factor, and said that ending military support from Western countries will help the conflict quickly end.

`They have no prospects. Militarily, they have absolutely no prospects. The only question is when the West will stop funding Ukraine. As soon as the West stops direct military support, only

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin also discussed the situation in Ukraine, pointing out two possible ways to resolve the conflict.

At a joint press conference with German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius in Berlin on November 10, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said, he is `confident that North America and Europe will continue to support Ukraine together` and this

The NATO leader’s comments came as the Pentagon warned that military aid to Kiev was about to run out if US lawmakers did not approve a new funding package for Ukraine.

Kiev has repeatedly rejected any negotiations with Moscow, demanding that Russia completely withdraw its troops from all territories claimed by Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reiterated the demand in an interview with Reuters, adding that Kiev would continue the war even without US aid.

President Zelensky has denied information in some media that the West allegedly encouraged Ukraine to participate in peace negotiations with Moscow.

Previously, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg repeatedly urged alliance members to continue supporting Kiev so that it can win on the battlefield, thereby gaining an advantage at the negotiating table with Russia.

Moscow has long accused the US and its NATO allies of arming Ukraine, turning them into cards to confront Russia.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the West’s continued supply of weapons to Ukraine shows that the West is a direct participant in the coordinated war against Russia.

Both Russia and Ukraine have stated that they do not support the option of freezing the conflict.

Kiev stated clearly that the prerequisite for peace talks to end the fighting is that Russia must withdraw all its troops from Ukrainian territory.