(Dan Tri) – A newly released court transcript lists 6 very brief statements made by former President Trump during his appearance on April 4.

Former US President Donald Trump and his legal team appeared before judge Juan Merchan on April 4 (Photo: AP).

On April 4, former US President Donald Trump appeared before judge Juan Merchan at Manhattan Criminal Court, New York City.

A newly released 32-page transcript of the Manhattan District Criminal Court shows that the former US President spoke briefly 6 times during the appearance, which lasted about an hour.

In the above record, Mr. Trump’s 6 statements during the appearance include: `Not guilty`, `Yes`, `Yes, thank you`, `Yes`, `I understand`, and `Yes`.

The above statements were used by the former US President to answer questions directly from judge Juan Merchan.

Accordingly, when asked if he pleaded guilty to 34 charges, Mr. Trump replied `Not guilty.`

Judge Merchan then asked Mr. Trump if he understood the right to be represented impartially and without conflicts of interest.

The judge also confirmed with Mr. Trump that he had the right to consult a lawyer and received the answer `Yes, thank you.`

Next, Judge Merchan explained to Mr. Trump that if he did not appear, the trial would still continue.

Finally, Judge Merchan warned Mr. Trump not to interrupt the trial if he did not want to be deported.

According to the lawyers, after the appearance, former President Trump expressed his `angry and sad` attitude.

On April 5, on the social network Truth Social, the former President called on Republican allies in Congress to take retaliatory measures through budget cuts of the Department of Justice as well as the Department of Corrections.

`Republicans in Congress need to cut the budgets of the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation until they realize what they are doing. Democrats have weaponized the executive system.`

After the appearance, the next trial in Mr. Trump’s case will most likely take place on December 4.